Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simon "Scowl"

Simon "Scowl" and Paula "Ab-dull." One the genuine article, given his propensity for cutting "American Idol" hopefuls off at the knees. The other, each week giving new meaning to the word saccharine and more and more at a loss it seems, to put into words her assessment of the most recent performer. All of which only intensifies the frustration that Simon has for the judge to his immediate right. Contempt might be the more appropriate word, if you didn't sense the two have torn a page from the World Wrestling Federation's playbook, in which acting is more of a prerequisite than athletic ability.
You can almost hear AI's producer whispering in Simon's ear, "ratchet up the nasty and the loathsome. It's good for the ratings. But try not to humiliate Paula, as easy as that is to do, cause we don't want viewers, especially females 18 to 49, tuning us out. " No indeed, in a season where the ratings have taken a hit. (Although the show still remains in the top ten spot, evidence that some of the tweaking the show's producers are doing is paying off). Should that not hold up, they may want to try and put some real talent on stage. Hard to believe, out of the 100s (or is it 1000s?) they went through, this is the most talented group of "American Idol" contenders they could find. Hmmm, maybe they should have "Scowl" turn up the heat under "Ab-dull."

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