Thursday, April 23, 2009

Speaking her mind

She said nothing derogatory, demeaning or profane towards or about those Perez Hilton professes to represent. She was simply asked for her opinion and it cost Miss California, Carrie Prejean, the title of Miss USA. Whatever you might think about such beauty pageants, it's important to remember here that the candidates are not running for political office. So Ms.Prejean and her competitors are not about initiating or shaping public policy. She was simply asked to speak her mind and, in accordance with her beliefs, she did so. She does not believe in gay marriage. "I was true to myself", Ms.Prejean later said. Isn't that an admirable trait for someone pursuing such a title? Especially, of course, as she was not outright condemning the beliefs of many others or recommending they be treated as lepers. She and the other candidates on stage with her earlier this week deserve the right to answer questions put to them without fear of intimidation. The audacity of Perez Hilton to think her answer had to be his answer! By the way, any semblance of credibility or credentials he might have brought to the table were totally shattered by Hilton's later reference to Carrie Prejean as "a dumb bitch". While she lost the title she no less managed to take center stage. It would be interesting to see how Hilton would fare on "Celebrity Apprentice", hosted by the same man who put together this year's Miss USA Pageant. Be nice to hear Donald Trump giving him a much deserved, "You're Fired"!

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  1. Really though, does it surprise anyone that Hilton's reaction would be so ridiculous?

    It has long been the self-righteously held belief by the Hollywood left (and, in my experience, the left everywhere else too) that they are the sole possessors and purveyors of proper idealogy and "common sense". Whether it be the dismissive Al Franken, the demeaning Janeane Garofalo, or the arrogance of Daschle/Gore/Pelosi/etc. etc. -- the tone is clear: if you disagree with us, you're an idiot and subject to ridicule and undeserving of your freedom of expression.

    While the far right may parody and mock for the sake of ratings, it's a far cry from the continuing onslaught of arrogance. I thought we were a nation of reasoned debate? I thought we held certain truths to be self-evident, but that everything ELSE was won or lost on the merits of the argument.

    I'm not sure when it happened... but I find it tiresome that Jon Stewart became an oracle, that Obama became a god, and that anyone who disagreed lost all worth in both their eyes... just as Hilton would throw out as garbage, all those opinions that might be contrary to his own. How enlightened indeed.

    Kudos, Ms. Prejean, kudos.